2022-23 Officers

Mike Cabiles

Webmaster and Photographer

Hey, I'm Mike! I'm a Senior at AHS and this is my first year with the Newspaper Club. I'm excited to help out where I can and practice my responsibilities as a leader and head of the website, as well as a writer and a photographer. In addition to photography, I love playing guitar, hockey, writing and skateboarding despite my skill of all hobbies mentioned. I hope you all enjoy the website and direct all concerns or suggestions to the suggestion box at the top of the page <3​

Nathan Ferraro


My name is Nathan Ferraro, and I'm a junior at AHS. I've been in newspaper for two years now, and I love it because I enjoy writing, photography, advertising, and editing. I am also the president of the finer things book club, and I'm involved in band, taiko, LEO Club, SADD Club, Key Club, SAGE Club, and class cabinet. I've won several writing awards at the YSU English Festival, and I was a 2022 national youth correspondent at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. I look forward to serving The Hawks' View as co-editor and writer!

Savannah Colberg

Co-Editor and Photographer

My name is Savannah Colberg, and I am a senior at AHS. I have been in newspaper for 3 years now and I am currently the co-editor for newspaper. I love writing, reading and editing. I am also the secretary of class cabinet, and i’m a member of yearbook staff, key club, SADD club, student council, leo club, Armstrong armada, and NHS. I was also a 2022 National Youth Correspondent at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. My future plans include attending a university to study Architecture and continue writing and editing. I look forward to being an active member and editor for the Hawks’ View!

Kyla Fitzgerald

Business Manager

Hi, I'm Kyla Fitzgerald, and I’m a junior at AHS. This is my first year in Newspaper. I’m really excited to be involved with this great club! I’m also involved in SADD club, Key club, Leo club, STUCO, class cabinet, Interact, and I play varsity girls basketball. I hope to see this club grow and prosper!!

Aida Clinch

Communications Manager

My name is Aida Clinch, and I’m a senior at AHS. I’ve been in newspaper for three years now. I love the club because I love creative writing and expressing my perspective of the world and thoughts about life through my writing. I also hope that others can be inspired and encouraged to stand up for themselves and fight for what’s right after reading our articles. I’m the the Communications Director for Newspaper, the Secretary for FCA, a member of National Honor Society, and an aspiring writer of a novel I hope to complete in the coming year. I can’t wait to be helpful to the hopeful success of the Hawk’s View Newspaper this year!

Mrs. Kidder


My name is Mrs. Kidder and I teach senior English at Armstrong High School. I also teach Creative Writing I and Creative Writing II. In the spring of 2016, I was asked to take over as newspaper advisor. Since then, many students have participated on staff and developed the paper into the product that it is today. Every year brings new growth and ideas as the world of communication constantly changes. I am extremely proud of what the students have accomplished already this year. It is quite fabulous to work with students who choose extra writing as their after-school activity!


Leah Brison

Hey, I’m Leah! I’m a senior at AHS, and I joined newspaper this year. I’m very excited to help in any way I can. I enjoy reading and writing a lot and can’t wait to make this a great year for The Hawks’ View!

Caleigh Robb

I’m Caleigh Robb, and I’m a senior at AHS. I love to write and inform others on important topics and fun moments. I am an active member in STUCO, Cinema Club, and Quizbowl. I hope to be a key part of newspaper this year!

Max Salsgiver


I'm Max Salsgiver! This is my senior year at AHS, and though I've always loved writing in its many forms, I only recently decided to join the Hawks' View staff. My newly-established interest in photography was the main reason I joined, but I'm also eager to exercise my writing ability and gain firsthand experience of the interview process. In addition to the Hawks' Nest, I was a member of the Creative Writing club as a freshman and I am currently president of the AJSHS Quiz Bowl team.

Gabe Nanney


I’m Gabriel Nanney, and I’m a senior at AHS. This is my first year in newspaper. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m enjoying my time in the club nonetheless! Within newspaper I mainly focus on photography, which I have always enjoyed, but I hope to use it as a way to help improve my writing abilities. I am also a section leader within the Sr. High band, and am additionally involved in the Rifle Team, Taiko, and SAGE Club. Though I won’t be able to stay for long, I hope to help the newspaper for the year I am here, and have fun doing it.

Trinity Appleman

Hi, my name is Trinity Appleman, and I'm a senior at AHS. This is my first year with the Hawks' View. I started working for the club before officially joining. When I officially joined, it was because I enjoyed the work I was already doing, specifically working with sales, advertising and talking to our school staff about our newspaper and the things happening in our school. I hope to help out wherever I can moving forward.

Gracie Elosser

Hi, I'm Gracie and I am a sophomore at AHS. This is my first year in Newspaper, and I am also in SAGE club and Art club. I love my cat—her name is Gypsy, and she is the greatest thing ever to happen to me. My favorite thing to do is collect records (I have over 140)! I love listening to The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks. My neighbor and I broke the world record for longest earrings.

Teagan Cupec

My name is Teagan Cupec, and I'm in 7th grade at AHS. This is my 1st year in newspaper and so far, I love it! I enjoy writing and photography (though I usually don't show my photos to the public) I'm in Jr. high STUCO, ASL club, Garden club, and i'm in the Jr. High band as a clarinetist. This year I mainly plan to be a writer, but will help out with editing and photography when I can. I can't wait to see my work published and I'm proud to write for my school. Go Hawks!

Anthony Reitano

Hey I’m Anthony Reitano! I am a junior here at AHS, and this year is my first year writing columns for the school newspaper. I joined this year because I love writing, editing, and web-development. In the future, I would love to become a professional sports writer, so that I get to interview famous sports stars and attend Super Bowl and World Series games every year. I am currently an Executive Leadership Board Member for LEO club. In the coming year, I plan to make the school a better place by writing about different topics that will improve our school for the better. I am really looking forward to writing interesting topics for AHS this year and possibly next year for The Hawks’ View as an editor!

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